Intelligent Enterprise Solutions has a great reputation for hosting workshops and conferences. We host training programs independently and in collaboration with our partners to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

We have launched webinars and workshops for innovation, intellectual property, pharmacovigilance and other areas. Our programs provide knowledge and help to leverage information technology in multiple industries. For information on our training programs contact us by phone or email to


Past workshops


IP Series:

Introduction to Patenting Basics

Intellectual Property Essentials

Introduction to Patent Drafting

Drafting Patent Application Essentials

Pintels Technology Scouting Solutions Workshop

Introduction to Innovations, IP, and Patents

U.S. Provisional Patent Forms and Filing Fundamentals

Critical Success Factors for Intellectual Property Management


Innovation Series:

Managing Innovations for Profitable Growth

Accelerate your Innovations from Lab to Market

Building Innovation Capacity

Building High-Value Innovation Pipeline


For more information on our program please contact us at