Patent Litigation Analytics

Our Patent Litigation Analytics offer insights of cases, case timeline, patent litigation, precedential opinions, informative opinions, decisions, orders to reduce risks and formulate effective strategies for IP enforcement. You can also analyze the board decisions to determine the standard for the patent-eligible subject matter. You can assess how Federal Circuit court cases are shaping potential of damages, identify the defendants and litigation trends. The litigation analytics also help you identify if non-practicing entities and trolls.

Pintels patent litigation analytics provides the following:

Comprehensive information on PTAB Cases and opinions
Federal circuit court IP cases
U.S. Supreme Court intellectual property
Patent cases and International Trade Commission investigations
Patent details
Bibliographic information
Patent families and related patent prosecution information




The Data Visualizations, Analytics, Drill downs & Reports in Pintels Patent Litigation Analytics help you gain deep insights into patent litigation cases to reduce risks and build effective strategies. The patent litigation analytics span across International Trade Commission (ITC), U.S. Supreme Court, Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and Federal Circuit Cases helps you identify trends in appeals, decisions etc. as well as assessing the impact on future enforcement.


Patent Examiner Analytics



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