IPWayz Provisional



Startups need help in managing intellectual property, to formulate IP Strategy, IP protection for their innovations. We are offering support with our experts to prepare & file provisional patent application with the patent office and manage it.

For the convenience, we are offering three packages for preparing and filing the provisional patent application and getting the patent pending status for the application.




Silver Package (Do It Yourself)

This is a basic package. You would be provided with requisite software for preparing your provisional patent application and patent application checklist. You would receive automated reminders to keep you up-to-date on patent deadlines.


Gold Package (Do It Yourself + Guidance)

You would do the application yourself with our guidance. You get 1 hour of guidance to formulate patent strategy and preparing the provisional patent application.


Platinum Package (We Do It For You).

We prepare and file the provisional patent application for you, and get you Patent Pending for your application. You get 2 hours of guidance to formulate patent strategy and also prior art search report.



Easy to prepare and file

Get earliest filing date and provisions "Patent Pending" status for your application for 1 year

Provides time to evaluate market potential

Apply "Patent Pending" to your patent application references

Adding "claims" to application is optional - although writing one or two Fair claims is recommended

Your patent application is not examined by USPTO

Provisional patent application filing fee is very low


The provisional patent application is processed in 3-5 weeks. You will get an official filing receipt from the Patent Office with your application number and filing date. You are eligible to use the term “patent pending” for your patent application.


For more information email us at ipwayz@iesols.com or contact us at 408-738-1342 / 512-692-9842