IP Mobilytics



IP Mobilytics provides analytics on tour Mobile devices. The analytics you could view are:

Number of Invention disclosures, patents granted, patents filed, patent applications types filed, pendency of the applications and top inventors etc.

Key Features of IP PMobilyticsTM

  • Manage IP / Patent Licenses
  • Gain visibility into patent prosecution take appropriate action
  • Royalties Revenue Management & Reporting
  • IP license revenue forecasting reports
  • Reports providing insight into ROI on each IP
  • Provide in-depth information to management on making informed decisions on Out licensing
Key benefits of IP PMobilyticsTM
  • Track manage Patent prosecution lifecycle
  • Useful to Legal Attorneys and Executives to pro-actively manage & maintain all IP licenses
  • Offers visibility to expiring license contracts – Legal can have insight into expiring license agreements.
  • Tracking, Reports on In / Out Licensing and IP License compliance
  • Audit Management – provisioning audit trails on IP License agreements
  • Revenue forecasts and future forecasting reports

For product demo and pricing please contact us at 408-416-3812 or 512-692-9842. Email: ipmobilytics@iesols.com

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