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Are you on a quest for Disruptive Innovation Affordable? You have reached the right place.

If you are a start-up, incubator, accelerator, University or an enterprise and want to accelerate innovation from lab to market, we would be a great partner for you.

We offer support to speed up your IP Monetization through our Innovation Partnership Program.

Partnership with us is open for Automotive, AgTech, Biotech & Pharma, Digital,  Diagnostics, Food Processing, Finance, Energy, Healthcare, IoT, IT, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Networking, Robotics, Solar, Semiconductor, Software, Telecommunication and Transportation industries.

Why Innovation Partnership Program?

The advantage of this program is to manage your innovation with our support instead of dealing with multiple technology silos. Many of the current technology solutions demand huge investment with fewer or no integration capabilities. This program provides connectivity to the features that push your discovery from lab to market for your success.

Innovation Partnership Program is very integrative. This helps start-ups, incubators, accelerators, Universities and Enterprises alike to achieve end-to-end automation of intellectual property, technology commercialization processes and accelerate innovations from lab to market. The innovation partnership program identifies potential markets, alternate use of technologies and maximizes licensing opportunities and royalty revenue streams.

The new technology innovations can be inventions, discoveries, significant improvements, new techniques, products, processes or software programs that are innovative or unique. We work with you through the innovation life cycle to maximize your return on investment.

Manage all Types of Innovations 

  • Disruptive innovations
  • Incremental innovations
  • Product innovations
  • Process innovations
  • Service innovations


Key Features

  • Automation of Technology Commercialization process
  • Featured technology transfers
  • List of hot technologies
  • Listing of patents
  • Innovations in technology licensing
  • Search for technologies
  • IP matching
  • Technology watch
  • Business intelligence
  • Subscription alerts for technology match
  • Browse innovation portfolio by category
  • Technology scouting
  • White space analysis

We help you optimize the patent costs spent towards protecting the IP and ensure financial return on investment that can be obtained through licensing and royalties.

  • List your innovation – patent, technology on the IP TechMatch Marketplace
  • Become instantly visible to thousands of subscribed users
  • Quickly reach users subscribed to the interesting technologies
  • Subscribed users can get alerts and notifications for any technology matches


Startups, Enterprises, Universities and Law firms

Leverage our Technology Intelligence For Patents, Products, Competition, and Markets to fast track Commercialization.


The data visualizations and analytics help you better navigate the patent and technology landscape and portfolios across AgTech, Automotive, Biotech and Pharma,  Food Processing technologies, FinTech, Healthcare, IoT, Manufacturing, Energy, Solar, Semiconductor, Networking, Software and other key verticals. You can optionally perform IP Valuation to assess the value of the IP asset or conduct IP Due Diligence to detect any potential patent infringements.


  • Generate leads for IP Commercialization
  • Faster Time-To-Market
  • Fast track IP Monetization
  • Achieve end-to-end automation
  • Speed up delivery process
  • Reduce IP operations costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Lower the Total Cost of Ownership


Accelerators and Incubators

For more information please contact 512-692-9842 or email to