DIY IP Cost-O-Meter

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IP Cost-O-Meter self-service cloud application helps you know the patent costs ahead of filing patent application. Using IP Cost-O-Meter self-service web application you can generate patent cost estimates globally in few clicks and within minutes.

IP Cost-O-Meter self-service application supports all Patent application types – Country Application, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Application, European – (EPO) Application, Divisional Application, Provisional Applications etc. Patent Attorneys, Patent agents, IP Law firms, independent inventors, pro-se applicants, researchers can generate the quotes – cost estimates for patent filing in few clicks and respond to their customers quickly and onboard customers faster and increase productivity.

You can adopt IP Cost-O-Meter with ease and no formal training. The application tool provides you consistency and reliability. IP Cost-O-Meter delivers all the functionality in simple and affordable way.

Who Can use it?

Entrepreneurs, Tech start-ups and Inventors
Researchers and University Students
Pro-se applicants
Software Professionals
Patent agents
Incubators and Accelerators

The patent cost estimate consists of:

Filing costs
Search costs
Grant costs
Maintenance costs
Attorney costs
Foreign filing agent fees

Using IP Cost-O-Meter application you can generate cost estimates for filing new patent applications, or maintaining existing patents. You can generate the cost estimate quotes and save them as PDF files.
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