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Digital and Mobile Technology innovation is important for businesses to stay ahead in the competition. Intelligent Enterprise Solutions is promoting digital innovation for the success of the business.  Our team members built 500+ mobile apps for corporations like Dell, Samsung, and Unilever. We have experience in building apps for retail, education, media, healthcare and real estate and travel. We provide services in strategy, design, and development of apps. To make digital innovation affordable we have near shore development infrastructure. Through our innovation lab, we offer following services.We leverage technologies like AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Chatbots and IoT to build great apps to benefit organizations. Our nearshore and Asia development centers offer you very cost effective services without any compromise in quality and delivery.

OnDemand Mobile Apps:



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Services for Emerging Technologies



Startup and Need Help? 

To offer full support to digital innovation we have an accelerator program.




We have the following technology expertise to develop apps for automobile, biotech, education, events, music, healthcare, pharmaceuticals social media, streaming and real estate.



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