Welcome to Intelligent Enterprise Solutions, Inc., website.

Our Mission is to Enable Affordable Innovation. We provide software, consulting services and training to achieve it.

Intelligent Enterprise Solutions  (IES), a team of expert visionaries and business development through highly experienced, consultative processes. With a dynamic blend of consulting and industry specific services, IES supports organizations build their business in the present market with cost efficient services. With IES as your partner, you gain the expertise needed to transform, succeed in the ever changing industry trends and market demand.

IES partners with organizations to bring innovative products to the global market. We offer products that provide end to end solutions in intellectual property management, big data and regulatory areas. The software products we offer are useful for semiconductor, energy, IT, biotech, pharmaceutical, legal industries, research organizations, Universities and Government institutions . Most of our products have on premise and on cloud options to support the large, medium and small organizations.

IES fully realizes that our role begins with an in-depth knowledge of client’s business objectives, existing infrastructure and resources. This method allows IES to keep total control over the quality, determining the best approach and resources needed to provide industry specific services and on-time delivery within budget.